tulips in San Antonio

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

I've always despised writing, actually never really liked it. it wasn't until I had my "grown up" job that I ended up being the "writer" for my marketing position. now that I am doing what I love - capturing people's cherished moments - I realize that I have to write in this column to showcase my favorite images...actually, they all end up being my favorites. so here I am writing to tell about my favorites.

in late summer of 2019, I caught a post regarding a much-anticipated, epic tulip field that was to come in the spring of 2020 in #lavernia #texas.

it was january 23, 2020 that my daughter, Hannah, and I jumped in the car and headed 45 miles outside of #sanantonio to catch a glimpse of these beauties. after a stop for coffee, with iPhones in hand, there we were standing a field of mud and barely-there smallish tulips. I held my head high because I knew there was potential, all I needed was a small patch to fill the vision I had for these.

we ran home and grabbed this beautiful children's gown from Australia's #dollcakevintage that I had purchased for this very field I'd read about last summer. I knew it needed a little 'umph' but in january, stores were slim with pickings for straw hats. I quickly did a search on #targetcircle #target app for "girls straw hat" available for pick up. I wasn't sure it was the perfect fit "yet" but when we got to the field, I couldn't be more thrilled that it was more than perfect.

I will soon be posting #bluebonnets and #poppies and cannot wait to reveal. book with confidence....we still have a few spots available.


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